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September 19, 2009

Beau petit jardin

Beau petit jardin
(Beautiful Little Garden ~ in French)

This year I planted tomatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, lil' pumpkins and a whole bunch of flowers!

I started everything from seeds except my long flower pots, hanging plant and 2 larger pots.

This is my new hobby and I am in love with watching everything grow.

I hope to have larger gardens some day so I can work on my green-thumb.

There are green tomatos in there somewhere!

An odd shaped zucchini to be made into bread.

I have a couple little ones that will hopefully ripen before it frosts!

Cute lil' pumpkin

These will make a great addition to our 'pumpkin family' we'll be carving and painting this fall.


Potted plant

Viney flower.

We grabbed a bunch of random seed packets this year to plant so when everything came up I couldn't remember what was what! But they are all pretty and colorful.

My little turtle has been with us for 5 years watching my flowers grow.