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November 18, 2013

Things a Lefty Baby Can't Do. Thing 2

Tonight, Logan really, really, really wanted to put a few little books in a little plastic bin. Except, the bin was on his right side and the books were on the left. So, my little left tried and tried to get the books around his body and kept hitting the bin. His right arm was in the way and he couldn't twist quite enough to get the books in the bin. He eventually ran out of patience after the bin fell off the coffee table. (It started on the left side and gradually moved until it fell off the right side). He lost interest at this point and is now pushing his books around like cars.

Next time, I'll move the bin to his left side so he can be successful in his book organizing venture.

November 11, 2013

Things a Lefty Baby Can't Do. Thing 1.

I think my baby is a lefty. So far he eats with his left hand and grabs everything with his left hand. He uses his right when he needs to transfer something to his left hand and that's about it. I've been left wondering how lefties of the world do.... well, everything?!

The past few nights he's wanted to play with his See 'n Say and the lever is on the right. In order to get the animal sounds he has to pull the lever down. Well, when he pulls the lever down, with his left hand, his whole left arm is in the way. He loses interest in the toy pretty quick because his right hand/arm just doesn't do it the same.

My poor little lefty.


July 24, 2013

The Little Prince

I absolutely LOVE this picture.

And not because of the reasons you think. I don't follow celebraties, I don't read trash magazines, and I don't understand the obsession with this family at the moment. I didn't know her due date/month,  I didn't bet on the sex of the baby, I'm not trying to guess the name.

After I saw these first pictures come across my daily news I suprisingly don't  mind that this little family is even in my news feed. A few years ago it was annoying, it was hard to miss the fact that they got married, it was all over. Yes, they looked happy and beautiful but it did not affect my day to day life but I guess the event made others swoon.

What I truly, truly love about this picture is Kate's belly. That's right! I love that she isn't covering, hiding, or photoshopping her post-pregnancy belly. It shows that she did indeed give birth wtihin the past few days! I also love that she looks natural and beautiful with her new-mom-glow, but for me its all about the belly. She's even holding it as if she were still pregnant! This is what real women look like coming home with their babies. (Of course, my hair was in a bun and I was in sweats.) Kate, who is under the public microscope on a daily basis, is amazing to me. I shouldn't be so suprised that she went out like this, but I am.

The newborn photos we see here in the U.S. grocery aisle magazines and online news media are trash. Celebrity parents are posed (usually just mom) with a ton of make up and hair done, in a bed covered up, or are posed holding the newborn (usually with just diaper on) up by their face. Where is their body? Usually weeks later new photos of the baby-mama looking exactly like she did pre-pregnancy. This is a topic for another entry though...

I wish these new parents the best. I hope he helps her change diapers and I hope she doesn't feel the need to look perfect in the upcoming months and focuses only on her health and baby.

I have never seen a picture of Kate looking more beautiful.

February 4, 2013

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