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May 3, 2010

My Other Blog is a Green Blog

I started a second blog... since I hardly have enough 'free time' to keep up with my regular-life blog. But it's more fun!
I'll have earth friendly ideas, gardening tips, green advice and environmental news.
Check it out!
It's Not Easy Being Green

March 7, 2010

Herbs Herbs Herbs

One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.
~ W.E. Johns

Today was a 50 degree day in Bemidji. While shopping with Cole I got the gardening itch...
I decided it was still too early to start my seedlings for the summer but convinced myself it is never to early (or late) to start an herb garden! So while Cole was looking at the flower packets and vegetable packets we'll purchase later in the spring I looked over the herbs.
There were many choices but I decided to stick with herbs I knew I would use:
cilantro, sweet basil, garlic chives and and parsley.
Also, in my random love for cooking I have realized that it would be useful to have fresh herbs and that these would be a great addition to the decoration of my house.
I am getting ansty for spring so my new herb garden adventure will also tide over my need for shoveling the snow away from my garden patch and planting while the ground is still frozen...
My seeds were nestled in matching baby blue planters with a few rocks and dirt. They are covered for the next few weeks with plastic wrap to speed up the growing process. I do not like the looks of them but the mini-greenhouse-effect will do wonders for their progress!
The only problem I ran into this afternoon after planting was remembering which herb was in which container! I didn't have anything small enough to write on and 'plant' in the dirt with the seeds, so like usual I improvised in my own Shannonesque way...

I did some digging in my craft supplies and to my amazement I found tiny colored pencils which have never been used!! So... each herb has its own little pencil to not only help remember who is who but to become part of their little habitat.



I hope my little herbs grow big and healthy in the weeks/months to come.
Cole will be my official water-kid and we'll enjoy watching them sprout!
I just hope I picked herbs that kitty isn't going to want to much on...

February 16, 2010

Asparagus Night!

For 2010 we made a 'resolution' of sorts. Cole is a picky eater so he gets a sticker on the calendar for each new food he tries. Tonight he tried Green Giant asparagus! I told him it would taste siminlar to green beans just to ease his pain... and he actually liked it! He said it was a combination of green beans and celery. He also wouldn't eat the tips, only the stems. So now we have a new food to add to the menu... "hairy green beans"!

February 11, 2010


I'm going to start blogging the ridiculously funny and some times absolutely crazy things that come out of Cole's mouth. I think since he turned 9 something went off in his little brain and he has been just randomly goofy lately!

Last night after Cole showered he left me a 'secret message' on the mirror. After I showered I saw: "Hi Mom, Love Cole" and "Happy V-Day".

Today, again after the shower, he came out with my towel on! Cole has a very nice blue towel he received from Grandma and Grandpa Enright that has his name COLE stitched right in... so he should know which one is his. I asked him why he had my towel and not his... he said "Well it doesn't have SHANNON written on it does it?!" This alone made me laugh, not at him though, he thought he made a very good point!