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February 13, 2012

Day 44 - February 13, 2012

Harder to get back into the routine of taking pictures every day than I thought it was going to be! Funny conversation with my son, who appears to be going through a growth spurt at the moment. I heard a very non-scientific reason for why boys (ages 10-20) are so forgetful, flighty, have no 'listening' skills,  and are just discombobulated if you will. Someone told me that because their bodies are growing and developing so much they don't have enough energy left to think! Haha!

Tonight we had an example:

Cole: I went to the garage and Ray (the cat) was sitting on your car still.
Me: Oh was he pouting? (got in a tiff with the other cat earlier, a lovers spat of sorts)
Cole: Pouting?
Me: Pouting.
Cole Pouting?
Me: Yes, pouting. Was Ray still pouting?
Cole: Pouting?
Me: Yes. Was Ray still pouting? Pouting.
Cole Pouting?
Me: Was. Ray. Still. Pouting?
Cole: Pouting?
Me: Yes, was Ray still pouting from earlier?
Cole Pouting?
Me: Nevermind.
Cole: Yeah he was still pouting.

And no, he wasn't doing this on purpose. He didn't even notice that I was rolling my eyes or that my husband was laughing, at him, not with him. Wowzers, he must need some extra sleep...

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Katrina (capturing moments) said...

Haha, the conversations I have to look forward to!

Shannon Marie said...

I need to start logging more of the 'pre-teen' conversations we have. It is pretty funny what comes out of his mouth some days! I love it!

Shannon said...

I have conversations with my 11-year-old girlie that are so like this it's scary! :) You have a handsome young man.

Kylie Giggins said...

So nice to come accross a new blog. Shannon, I love your about me section on your blog. Your young man is gorgeous and it was fun to read the conversations you had.