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May 3, 2012

Thursday Craving

We had an appointment yesterday! Heartbeat 160 and 14 weeks pregnant. Per, baby is the size of a lemon!  During the appointment I told my doctor I have been craving fruit, lots and lots of fruit. I told her it was better than Oreos! She laughed and asked if we wanted to know what Oreo filling was made out of... told us we might not eat them again if we knew... sure! Why not?! Can't be that bad right? Wrong. Turns out Oreo filling is made out of powdered sugar and lard. Ick! Pretty sure I'll stick with fruit.
Baby Lemony Snickett
I have been craving watermelon but have been unable to find a decent one. Of course that is because we live in norhtern Minnesota and it is the beginning of May. We brought home a honeydew last night but I didn't cut it up. I was craving salad, so I made a lettuce, avacado, tomato salad with a bit of Ranch... so good!  This morning for my 'first little meal' I'm having an orange, blackberries, chocolate pudding, carrots and water. 

Addition: Friday 'first little meal' consists of 2 cups of 'wagon wheel' carrots, Junior Mints, chocolate pudding, and an orange. I'm getting the feeling baby doesn't want me to eat real food as my stomach turns when I sit down to eat a sandwich or dinner-type food.

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