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June 1, 2012

Sweet Baby

We had our monthly appointment yesterday! Heartbeat is 152. Very solid and our doctor found it almost immediately. Also, baby is about the size of a sweet potato! Getting bigger each week. And, we have the ultrasound scheduled for June 13th! Will be exactly 20 weeks at that point. I am looking forward to seeing how close we are to being on schedule and how big baby is getting. At this point we're hoping to find out if baby is girl or boy. However, knowing the baby's mother and father it might just be stubborn and not let us find out...

I'm not a big worry-wart in regards to being pregnant, but it is sure nice to hear that little heartbeat. I think it makes Dad (aka Papa Jer) pretty excited too. Now to buy the little device this weekend so Cole can hear it, I think that will make his day! 

Hoping to hit a few garage sales over the weekend to look for some general neutral and clean items to stock up on for baby. Last weekend we got one of the two bedrooms cleared out. Cole will be moving into this one and baby into his current room. Only problem is he wants his bedroom walls green or orange! Not sure I'm willing to cover the walls in those colors, but we'll see... I'm a pushover sometimes. Just have to warn him it will be that color f.o.r.e.v.e.r., and when he leaves for college he can paint over it! Ha!

I did find these 2 pictures below on Pinterest, so maybe orange isn't so bad?!

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