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April 1, 2014

March 2014 Resolution Summary

1 - Car ride to and from Grand Rapids to watch Cole play basketball. Was the best I've ever seen him play. I told him at least 10 times that he did an awesome job. I will be telling him all week!
2 - TV watching and relaxing with Jer. Book reading with Logan. Uno with Cole (I lost)
3 - A night home with my boys, nothing else but relaxing and hanging out!
4 - snuggled on the couch with the sad/sick/crabby (?) baby. Hung out with Cole and Jeremy when they got home late after practice.
5 - Ash Wednesday, pizza night on the way home. Logan won't make it through mass that time of night.
6 - Uno with Cole (I won!)
7 -  Not much time with the baby and husband. Shopping with Cole, always fun with just the two of us.
8 - Drive to Detroit Lakes with Cole to watch him play basketball. No distractions, nice drive:) Dinner with the baby and husband ending with a relaxing night at home!
9 - 2 hour nap with the baby. Amazing bonding!
10 - Life board game with Cole (lost, terribly)
11 - Didn't get to see baby at night :( Time spent with Cole in the car between activities talking about school and whatnot, and a wee bit of Target shopping!
12 - Religion night. Hung out with Cole while he did homework. No phones on the way home, nice! Didn't get to see baby at night :(
13 - Logan and Mama night! Cole and Hubby stayed in town for basketball and I got to come home and play for a few hours with baby-roo. Watched funny videos f Logan when they got home.
14 - Movie night!
15-16 - Family in town, and basketball tournament. Love to cheer on my boy!
Lost track! Forgot to put down what we did. There were lots of books, family movies (Frozen and Hunger Games 2), card games and car rides to basketball games. A great month making a conscious effort to spend quality time instead of quick time with my boys!

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