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May 14, 2014

100 Days of Workouts

I was not dedicated enough to hit 100 days. I made it to 74. Close but not finished.

Finding out I had a severe Vitamin D deficiency in March was not the highlight of the month. I was gaining weight even though I was working out hard and eating well. But still, gaining weight. Exhausted. Crabby. Tired. Snippy. Completely and hopelessly exhausted...

A few weeks now on the Vitamin D push and being able to get out in the sun has definitely helped, I've lost 7 pounds, but I am still exhausted. Bed at 8:30p on nights I can, still tired in the afternoon, naps on weekends, and I had basically stopped working out.

Monday I started again, and yesterday, and today. I will get back in the swing of it. And I will start logging my workouts again once I get a little more in my routine. I want to run a 10k this year. It will make my resolution list (possibly for September), and I want to run outside with my jogging stroller. I didn't run with it last year because I couldn't. This year I want no excuses!

Here's to getting healthy! It will go along perfectly with my happiness!

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