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January 14, 2012

Day 14 - January 14, 2012

Basketball Champions!

Last year Cole had the opportunity to play on a second competitive basketball team and got to play an extra 2 tournaments. They were reunited this weekend as their team 'Bemidji Hustle'. I'm not sure if these exact boys will get to play again together this season (there are 24 that play on their competitive team) but they are now boasting a 2012 record of 3-0 and won the tournament!

Cole played the whole game, getting baskets, assists, rebounds, a couple fouls, and free throw shots throughout the day, all while showing good teamwork and sportsmanship.
So proud of my little athlete!

The money shot of the day. On the line, just made the free throw and got the ball coming down from the hoop! It is so hard to photograph sports, especially basketball. I am improving each game!

Championship Photo!

I don't know how I feel about posting pictures of other people's kids without parents consent as each parent is different, so I did crop out the rest of the team.
However, they are an awesome group of boys!


Jules said...

Good job Cole!! And good job mum for delighting in all of it!

georgia said...

This post makes me so look forward to those school-aged years and watching my little one play sports (I hope she wants to!). Sweet post.

Shannon Marie said...

Thanks! This age is super fun, definitely a delight!