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January 31, 2012

Day 31 - January 31, 2012 Extra Post

My grandmother passed away peacefully tonight. I was so grateful to be by her side with my dad, aunt, great-aunts and great-uncle. She was just as beautiful as ever and I know now she's in heaven watching over her family and pacing back and forth worrying about each and every one of us until we arrive with her some day.

Photos are from December 31, 2011. Grandma put together a scavenger hunt for the younger boys. She was always planning something for them to do together.

Me and Grandma... actually just ignore me, no make-up and making 'chubby face'!
Grandma looks cute as ever though!

Annie, me, Grandma, Robin and Brad

Trent, Cole, Conner, Chase, Grandma after the scavenger hunt she planned for them in the snow. It is a great memory.

Photo from Grandma's outside-Christmas tree


Kylie Giggins said...

Wow what great photos to treasure your memories with. Never think you don't look good enough to be in photos. I used to do that and missed out on so many opportunities. Just think how good it is to have a photo with your grandma that you can treasure forever.

Erin said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, and glad you have such fond memories of her.

Shannon said...

She clearly left you with so many wonderful memories. What a blessing to have those at this time.