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January 15, 2012

Day 15 - January 15, 2012

Sunday night football!
(He was cheering for the Giants and they won)

More excitingly it was sock matching night!
Cole has turned sock matching into a 'basketball' game of sorts.
He matches and rolls the socks then shoots them into the hamper, you can see the pile in the picture!

My view of him from the treadmill.

I've learned over the years if I want something cleaned it has to be a game.


Kate said...

Lol, great idea to make the house work fun! :) love his pjs too, very cute!

Shannon Marie said...

Thanks! I am so happy they carry footy pajamas in his size, I'm going to buy the for him until he's 30!

Anonymous said...

Yep, why don't they write "if you want anything done then make it into a game' in the parenting books? It works really well doesn't it!

Michelle Clarke said...

Awesome idea and I love the pyjamas too!!

ampoverde said...