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March 2, 2014

February 2014 Resolution - Summary

I decided to still eat bread for the month, just limited. Some store breads have the processed sugars in them so I went mostly with the homemade breads from the grocery store and bakery's.

Starting on February 2nd
1 - Sweets eaten  = grapes; cravings = everything sweet but grapes
I have always heard when you're craving chocolate your body is actually craving nuts. Whoever said that was lying. It didn't help that I had my period started the first day...
2 - I forget that sugars are in everything, opps! I had sweetened coffee creamer with my breakfast!
3 - Eating out is definitely harder but there are a couple local diners with homemade food. Splurged with a homemade pumpkin bar at lunch with soup!
4 - Bakery donut today because it was Cole's 13th birthday. His choice for dinner, pizza buffet... I had a large salad with minimal dressing before I plated anything else. Very hard!
5 - Regular non-sweet day with the exception of pizza at my mom's for dinner and a small piece of cake for Cole's birthday.
6 - Dinner at the in-law's, would have been fine, but I did have a small piece of cake for Cole's last birthday celebration! Not feeling guilty as I will be back to no processed sugar starting tomorrow through the remainder of the month.
7 - 14 - Bought Girl Scout cookies, had a couple but not as many as I would have...
I also found out there was sugar added to fruit in the trail mix I had been buying... ugh.  Why does sugar needed to be added to dried fruit!? Back to protein and fruit/veggie snacks instead of prepackaged.
15 -17 - Sucky. 
18 - Better- nuts and fruit combo. Fruit is still sweetened...
19 - 28 - Crappy

This was so much harder than I thought. I didn't do well with this month's resolution but have a continued need to cut out more sugar and processed foods. We don't eat 'out' much but this month I really ate homemade food more often which helped the wallet and the waistline.

I did lost 3 pounds but not sure that had anything to do with changing the diet...

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