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March 2, 2014

March 2014 Resolution

Time for a family month. Quality time is always wanted and needed but not always attainable every day. We are so busy with Cole's activities, my volunteering, Jeremy's work, and Logan being a busy toddler! 

March's resolution is one quality moment with my family, every day. The moment can be a compliment to my boys, an extra hug, better listening, lunch date with the hubby, or a movie night, card game or book reading time.

Jeremy, Cole and Logan are my VIP'S, I need to make sure they know it, every day.  I'm going to keep track and post at the end of the month what I remember best about each day. It will give me something great to look back on at the end of this resolution. (and I still get chocolate!!)
Jeremy, Baby Logan, and Cole-man

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