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March 5, 2014


Every year is a struggle. What to 'give up' for lent, or something to do to make me closer to God, my faith, and my family. This year I have decided on two things that go hand-in-hand.

1) Stop interrupting. This is already something I've been trying to do at work. I interrupt, and talk over people. Not on purpose, it just happens.. It is frustrating for me because I am aware of it AS it is happening! I'm sure its even more frustrating to the people I interrupt.

2) Stop giving my opinion where it is not requested. I am Type-A, no doubt about it. It was a personality type that developed over time and not something I was born with. I tend to make comments, and interrupt my family, co-workers, and probably my friends with my own opinions. Sometimes they fit in the conversation, sometimes my comments don't fit at all, and sometimes I'm guessing they come across as rude. It's not on purpose, just something that, over time, has developed.

I am going to be more aware when others are talking, see where they need me in the conversation. I can be a listener or an active listener.

I need to be to others what they need to me to be, and I need to stop and listen.


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