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February 24, 2014

100 Days of Workouts - Day 47 - February 24, 2014

Over the past month and a half I have done most of my cardio on the elliptical machine. The machine I have at work is decent, but not the best. I haven't lost any weight but feel like I have gotten smaller. I've plateaued in a way, but not really because I think you have to lose weight to plateau... Oh well!

I started making up my own circuit training, usually following:
1) run 1/4 mile
2) easy weight lift
3) hard weight lift
4) medium weight lift

This routine has helped me keep my breathing right and allowed me to get really good workouts in. I've even been sore! Which isn't always bad. I'm not overdoing it, just pushing myself a little harder.

Day 47 Workout:

4 reps:
1/2 mile run (5.0-6.0)
Bench 65 lbs x 12
Triceps extension 15 lbs x 12
Unknown lift with 35 lb weight x 12
 (bend over, pull circle weight to chest)

2 reps:
1/2 mile run (5.0-5.5)
Curls 10 lbs x 20
Shoulders 5 lbs x 20
Kettlebells side/abs 20 lbs x 20

Running total: 3 miles in just under 29 minutes. Not the fastest but I was sweating when I was finished!

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