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February 1, 2014

February 2014 Resolution

January is done, on to February!!

This month might be busier than last so I thought about doing an easier resolution. I decided to do another health/fitness goal. My goal is actually starts February 3rd. I'm taking the weekend off because we have my son's birthday party and Super Bowl party together. Rather than be disappointed right out of the gate, I'll wait until the party is over.

I have been working out for the whole month, every day, something. I have not lost any actual poundage. Frustrating to say the least. But when I truly think about it I do know why I'm not.  My love of sweets has been an issue for me the past few years. Except when I had gestational diabetes, I am almost always in close proximity to sweets.

My normal treats, carbs and crap can range from these:
Ice cream with toppings, probably 2 servings worth each time
Swedish fish, sour patch kids, etc.
Candy bars
Skinny Cow brand chocolate treats
(fyi, they don't make you skinny!)
Homemade goodies
Sandwich bread and toast
Sweetened cereal

What is my goal then? All in all to try to rid myself of the crappy food I consume that is not fast food but kept around the house and work. Stuff that I make and buy that is just not good in large quantities, like every day. I was going to try to switch to a Paleo diet but I think I'll put that off until July or August, when my garden is in full bloom and I have fresh veggies; might make for an easier transition if I have these things readily available.

I'm going to try to get through the month of February without processed sugars or sweets. What I am I going to rationalize eating? Not sure yet. I'm toying with only homemade, Paleo or gluten-free treats. Really, any baked goods in my house end up eaten by yours truly so by starting to just not have stuff in the house will be the first step. I'll have to figure out this one as I go through the month. It will be a tough 28, I mean, 26 days!!

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