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January 9, 2014

100 Days of Workouts - Day 1 - January 9, 2014

It seems I have more and more self goals this year. The past 24 hours or so I have read a little about people participating in 100 Day Challenges. I have decided I'm going to jump on board and log it on my blog to keep myself honest! The days I am tired may be short and sweet, only workout/activity details. I'm hoping to get more excited as the days go, but man does 100 days seem long!! This will put me into May! Mostly this will be an online journal.
Shannon's 100 Day Fitness Goal = Physical Activity Daily for 100 Days
I don't have a specific weight loss goal, I'm not training for anything in the next 100 days. I'm looking at cardio, weights, casual walks with my family, squats, etc. Anything that I can fit in a day that I normally wouldn't have time to do. Make the effort. I just want to be held responsible for what I'm doing to improve my health. I have been enrolled in gyms, participated in classes, joined online groups, and have access to equipment at home and at work. I have no excuses anymore to be overweight.
My weight history that has brought me to this point in my overweightness:
Pre baby #1 = 125 lbs
Post baby #1 = 200 lbs
Lowest post baby #1 = 160 lbs
Wedding day = 170 lbs
Pre baby #2 = 190 lbs
Post baby #2 = 120 lbs
Lowest post baby #2 = 190 lbs
Currently = 200 lbs
(ugh and blah! yuck!) 
Day 1 Workout:
20 minutes elliptical (2.5 miles)
Abs and arms workout (10 minutes)
15 minutes elliptical (2 miles)
I felt great afterwards and wish I had done more, but it was all time allowed for today.
(I took photos of myself in the weight room mirror but they aren't uploading correctly. Will do a before/after post later I guess!!)

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