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January 29, 2014

January 2014 Resolution update

I almost made it. There were a couple extenuating circumstances in our busy day-to-day life that made me stray from my January goal. I'm pretty excited though, three times is better than ten! There were a few days I had to eat out for lunch and opted for soup or breakfast food to keep the grease down.

'Fast Food' for January 2014

January 15th - Hardees Frisco Burger
January 23rd - Burger King chicken sandwich and fries
January 28th - McDonald's egg McMuffin and had brown
January 29th - Subway 6 inch  (not sure if I would normally count this as fast food, it really goes either way I think...)

Now, I realized a couple important things on the days I didn't stick to my goal. 1) There are healthier options to what I chose to eat. 2) I get a stomach ache from fast food. 3) I really didn't have a 'good' excuse to eating out instead of whipping something up quick. My husband ate out like normal for lunch, but I don't think he even realized I was giving up fast food for the month! Usually, if I don't eat with him, I have him pick me up something for work.

Things I'll do the same: I bought one frozen organic meal to have at work but didn't have to touch it. I have tuna packets and nuts at work, and brought fruit almost every day. Yogurt and cheese were usually in my lunch box. I also kept a sweet treat at work for if I was craving sweets but usually the fruit sustained me. 

Things for me to remember: I'm terrible at going to the first floor and using the microwave. Most days I need to plan to bring something I can eat at my desk without leaving the room.

What I will continue to use as my go-to lunch foods:
Sandwich (I add Mrs. Dash seasoning to the mayo to change it up a bit)
Oranges, apples, bananas
String cheese, sliced cheese, pepperoni, and jerky
Snack size chocolates, little fruit snack packs
Yogurt, cottage cheese
Leftovers (sparingly)

What I will start trying to substitute in:
Low-sodium or homemade soups (I hate cans, so not sure what brands I'll use)
Veggies: peppers, carrots
Berries, grapes, and other snack-type fruit

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