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January 23, 2014

100 Days of Workouts - Day 15 - January 23, 2014

I divided my workout in two tonight after I found out Cole has basketball practice from 5-7pm instead of a game at 5:30. This means I got in a second workout! A fun rotation that I put together because I had the weight room to myself. The jump rope just about killed me. I am not as coordinated as I was when I was younger!!

Here is a great article about women lifting weights!

Day 15 Workout:
20 minutes elliptical (2.5 miles)
150 crunches

4 rotations:
Bench 50 lbs x 12
Walk 1 minute @4mph
Jump rope x100
Kettlebells 20 lbs x 
15 both arms
 5 each arm

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