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January 2, 2014

January 2014 Resolution

JANUARY 2014 - Resolution for Month 1

No fast food.

I try to eat healthy. I try to eat whole foods. I try to make food at home. Some weeks, some months I fail. I'm sick of it. Fast food is expensive, makes me feel icky, and really isn't 'food'. I've read countless articles on fast food and even got my son to give up chicken nuggets so why do I still eat it?!

For the month of January, no fast food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There will be no exceptions. I will have no excuses. In the amount of time I can go through a drive-through I can instead go to the local grocery co-op (2 block from my office) and get the ingredients to throw together a sandwich or salad, or both! I plan on saving money and calories. Two goals for the price of one!! Plus, I drive past a grocery store on my way to and from work, there is no reason I can't stop instead of planning to eat out the next day.

In preparation, yesterday we were home all day, so I made a chicken. I plan on making it into Chicken Wild Rice soup. (I'll post my recipe this weekend, it is amazing.) This Saturday will be dedicated to make-and-freeze meals in which I'll make, freeze and pre-portion spaghetti sauce, soup, chili, and dessert/snacks for lunch. I'm hoping to get the hubby on board too, as he is usually my fast food partner. We'll see how that goes!

Wish me luck!!

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